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1020 Cherokee Street
Denver, CO, 80204
United States

At Trophyseek We Design Apparel For Hunters. We Believe In Using Cutting Edge Designs To Create Outdoor Gear That Helps You Find Your Wild.


What Is Our Logo?

Matt Martens

The Saber Tooth.  An Animal Born To Hunt.  The Ultimate Predator.  And If Alive Today, Perhaps The Ultimate Trophy.  Requiring Your Best Effort In Order To Achieve Success.  Saber Tooth's Would Hunt Their Prey From The Ground And From Above.  They Would Sneak Along The Grass Or Timber Or Maybe A Rock Outcropping and Pounce On Their Victim When Close Enough.  They Would Also Sit On Game Trails For Hours Waiting For A Meal To Walk By At Which Point They Would Jump And Make One Fatal Puncture Wound With Their Enormous Fangs.  They Would Then Wait For Their Prey To Die Before Following The Blood Trail And Collecting Their Reward.  This Is Why The Saber Tooth Is Our Logo.  The Ultimate Symbol Of Efficiency, Beauty, Grace and Skill.  The Ultimate Symbol Of What We Aspire To Be.

 What We Chase.